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A weekly box of veggies from your local farmer.

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You should know the hand that feeds you, right? When you join our farm, you’ll know exactly where your food comes from. And your food dollars end up supporting a local farm family.

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Cooking veggies shouldn’t be boring. Our veggie box is full of varieties to get you to try new foods and make dinner prep fun. (Kohlrabi or eggplant, anyone?)

Do you know your farmer?

So many people have no idea where their food comes from or our how it was grown. They’ve lost touch with the story and people behind their food. And that’s a problem.


Meet Farmers Keith & Briana

We understand what it feels like to want to look your farmer in the eye and know where your food comes from. We know you value quality ingredients you can trust.

After 4 years, our farm is more than just a place to get superior tasting veggies. We are on a mission to bring the local farmer back to the American table and change the way people eat.  Join us in bringing our community together.

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What is a CSA

“Community Supported Agriculture” (CSA) members join a farm early in the season by pre-purchasing a share of that farm’s products in advance. In return, members get a delicious weekly box of naturally sustained food for the 20 week season once the harvest comes in. Members pick up their box share at one of two locations or have it delivered to your door.


Where do I pick up my veg box?

You’ll be asked to choose from one of these 2 pick up sites or home delivery during checkout.

Arkenberg Farms On Site Farm Store

Sat.1-4 PM

Wed. 5-7PM

645 SE Tecumseh Rd

Downtown Topeka Farmers Market, Sat. 8-11 AM

Sat. 8-11 AM

12th & Harrison

Home Delivery (extra charge)

Mon. 5-7 PM

Leave Cooler on porch for delivery

What’s in the box each week?

Imagine snapping open the box lid and finding perfectly packed portions of colorful and crisp veggie goodness. (Yeah, it’s like Christmas every week).

As a CSA member, you’ll receive 7-8 veggies per week — a perfect mix of must-have staples and rare artisan varieties.