Grow Your Own Microgreens Kits

Congratulations! You're on your way to becoming a Pro at growing Microgreens.

What are Microgreens? 

They are exactly what they sound like.  Super flavorful, tiny, nutrient packed versions of their grown-up selves. Trust us, this is too easy to mess up!


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What's the Big Deal About Microgreens?

Microgreens have many benefits. One, their nutritional value is higher in micro-form. Two, they are extremely easy and sustainable to grow - you won't need any chemicals or tons of water, space, or materials to grow them. Three, they have a more intense flavor when grown as microgreens. For all of these reasons, microgreens are an extremely high-value crop. Growing them in this kit will not only be financially sustainable, but fun and healthy too.


What's In My Kit?


  • Pre-Measured seed packet, enough for one tray

  • Tray & Lid, its what the packet came in!

  • Enough Organic soil to fill the Tray

  • Simple directions and QR code for a Video walk through

What Else Will I Need?

The only things you'll need that are not provided in this kit are:

  • A sunny place (I grew mine in the front Window)

  • A pair of kitchen scissors to harvest them.

  • And, a love of super fresh food!


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